Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Waiting List Information

The waiting list for CMHA's Housing Choice Voucher Program is now closed.

A random lottery will take place to assign the 5,000 wait list slots.

How do I know if I am selected to the waiting list?
Those selected through the lottery will be notified with a letter from CMHA.  Status information will only be provided online at www.waitlistcheck.com. Please do not call CMHA for status information. If your legal or mailing address changes, you must notify CMHA in writing to maintain your wait list status.

If I am placed on the wait list through the lottery what do I do next?
You will receive a notice indicating that you were selected to be placed on the HCV 2014 wait list. Applicants are required to inform CMHA in writing of changes in address. Applicants are also required to respond to requests from CMHA to update information on their application. Failure to respond by the specified deadline will result in withdrawal of the application without further notice.

It is an applicant’s obligation, if selected by lottery to be on the wait list, to notify CMHA of all address changes in writing. All contact made with applicants is by mail, no mail is forwarded by the post office, if no address change is made and CMHA cannot locate the applicant, they will be withdrawn from the wait list.

Families will be notified in writing that they have reached the top of the waiting list. At this time, they will be asked to provide information on their income and family composition to verify their eligibility for the program.

How long do I have to wait for an eligibility appointment if I am selected to be placed on the waiting list?
There are several factors that influence how long a person may have to wait:

  1. Your placement on the waiting list.  A placement number is assigned by a random-draw system and preferences.
  2. Funding availability.  Each PHA receives a specific number of vouchers.  No new vouchers are received from HUD; therefore, CMHA can only offer housing assistance when someone leaves the program.

The combination of these factors determines movement of the waiting list.  Our best estimate for the wait time is one to five years.

What if I am not selected by lottery to be placed on the 2014 HCV wait list?
If you are not selected to be placed on CMHA's wait list, you may reapply when our wait list is open in the future.  You can also apply for housing through the Asset Management Program.



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